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Hello! I’m Caroline.

I’m a senior at East Chapel Hill High School, and the Co-Editor-In-Chief of the ECHO, our student newspaper.

I was also recently named the 2022 North Carolina High School Journalist of the Year.

I pose with a copy of one of my columns, after I was interviewed for The Daily Tar Heel on Monday, Oct. 25th. Photo by Cynthia Liu/The Daily Tar Heel.

From penning rhymes about trains in kindergarten to filling a ratty notebook with the fantasy tale of an orphaned eagle at nine, I’ve always expressed my contemporary self in words. Certainly, as my values have matured, I’ve moved on to more consequential writing projects.

Journalism has become one of the most meaningful parts of my life. It has fostered a positive feedback loop of curiosity and investigation. Through journalism, I’ve been brought to polls and protests, had conversations with pickleball players and state senators, and enjoyed many a midnight romp through the depths of Internet archives. It’s also become a means for me to manifest my mindset toward public service and advancing social justice.